IP Ball camera Printed Circuit Board(PCB)

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4 layers

IP camera pcb

green solder mask

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)
Brand Name: ShenZhen DiHe
Model Number:SZDH-Multilayer PCB-010
Base Material: FR-4
Copper Thickness: 1oz
Board Thickness: 2.0mm
Min. Hole Size: 1.0mm
Surface Finishing: ENIG
Wrap and twist:: ≤0.75%
Standard:: IPC-A-6012
Service type: printed circuit board manufacturing

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details: vacuum package with high quality carton box
Delivery Detail: 5-7days

  1. Competitive Price, fast reply for RFQ
  2. UL, ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, ROHS Certificated (Please go to “About Us” section see the certificate.)
  3. High Quality, 100% E-Testing OR Flying Probe Testing

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Product Description

  1. Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Capability:
 Item  Manufacture Capability
 Layers  1-20L
 Material Types  FR-4, CEM-1,CEM-3, IMS, High TG,
 High Frequency, Halogen Free,
 Aluminum base, metal core base
 Max.Panel Dimension  546mm*622mm
 Outline Tolerance  ±0.10mm
 Board Thickness  0.20mm-5.0mm
 Board thickness Tolerance(t=0.8mm)  ±8%
 Min. Mechanical Drill Hole Size  0.15mm
 Min. Laser Drill  Hole Size  0.075mm
 Min.track Width  0.0635mm(2.5mil)
 Min.track Gap  0.0635mm(2.5mil)
 Surface treatment  HASL(LF), Flash gold, ENIG,OSP
(Lead free compatible), Carbon ink,
Peelable S/M, Immersion Ag/Tin,
Gold finger plating,
ENIG+ Gold finger
 External Cu.Thickness  35um-210um(1oz-6oz)
 Internal Cu.Thickness  17um-175um(0.5oz-5oz)
 Drilling Bit Size(CNC)  0.10mm-5.95mm
 Finished Hole Dimension(CNC)  0.20mm-6.0mm
 Hole Tolerance(CNC)  ±0.075mm/±0.05mm
 Hole Postion Tolerance(CNC)  ±0.05mm
 Board Thickness : Min.Hole Dimension  8:1
 Performance Test  100% electrical and electricity
 performance test
 Solder Mask  LPI, green, black, white,
 red, blue, yellow
 Min Solder Mask Bridge  0.0635mm
 Thermal Shock Test  288℃,10S,3X
 Impedance Control Tolerance  ±5%


♦ All of the above description is to demonstrate the ability of our factory, if you have specific requirements, please contact us.

2. Lead time

Samples: Within 24 hours with expedite cost
Mass production: Short delivery time according to different pcb order.

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T/T, WEST UNION, Paypal Accepted
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Complying with IPC class 2 standards. 100% electrical tested.

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***On time Delivery
On time delivery rate is over 97%

***Quick Lead time
2-6 days for one layer, 3-9days for 2 layers, 4-13days for 4 layers, 5-16 days for 6 layers.

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