The main usage for aluminum base mcpcb

Aluminum substrate PCB is a metal-based printed circuit board, with high thermal conductivity, generally used in solar energy, LED lamps and other products that require heat dissipation.

Most of the LED aluminum substrate is used in LED energy-saving lamps. It is mainly used in objects that require heat conduction because the larger the LED current is, the brighter the light is.
The main usage of aluminum substrate:
1. Audio equipment: input and output amplifiers, balanced amplifiers, audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, etc.
2. Power supply: Switching regulator `DC/AC converter` SW regulator etc.
3. Communication electronic equipment: high-frequency amplifier `filtering appliances` transmission circuit.
4. Office Automation Equipment: Motor Drives, etc.
5. Cars: Electronic Regulators, Ignition, Power Controllers, etc.
6. Computer: CPU board `floppy drive` power supply device.
7. Power Module: Inverter `solid relay` rectifier bridge and so on.
8. Lamps and lanterns lighting: With the promotion of energy-saving lamps, a variety of energy-saving LED lights are welcomed by the market, so do the aluminum substrates used in LED lamps.

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