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PCB High Frequency Board

I PCB High Frequency Board Definition   High-frequency board refers to a special circuit board with high electromagnetic frequency. It is used in the fields of high frequency (frequency greater than 300 MHZ or wavelength less than 1 m) and microwave (frequency greater than 3 GHz or wavelength less than 0.1 m). This kind of circuit board is produced on the basis of of microwave copper clad by a part of process method used in a common rigid wiring board manufacturing or a [...]

Printed Circuit Board Brief Introduction

PCB is the short name for Printed Circuit Board, it is also called printed wiring board. PCB is a very important electronic part, it offers base support for other electronic components. So you can find it in all electronics products. 1. Category of PCB I: Based on layers, pcb can be divided into three types, single sided pcb, double sided pcb and muliti-layer pcb. The most common mulitilayer pcb are 4-10 layers pcb.   ***The more the layers, the more the cost will be. As [...]